Tånga Hed 2017-07-16

Sandra Thexton, GB

VWW-14 CIE SECH FICH DKCH SE W-10 SE VW-14 SE VW-16 Geyron's Créme de Caramel

BOB veteran and BIS-1 veteran


"An elegant lady of 11 years, still maintains a balanced body, strong neck, excellent front and topline, little slow on the move"

C.I.E SECH FICH DKCH SE W-16 Geyron's Forever my Friend

2:nd best male

"Strong well balanced dog, with masculine head, gently expression, good ribcage, move freely and happy"

Lena Andén
Munkvägen 2 * 696 73 ASPABRUK
Mobil: 070-362 12 42