NEWS 2006

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061104 At the Danish Basset klub in Denmark, Geyron's Cinnamon Bear was BEST IN SHOW PUP (4-6 months)

061014 The Swedish Basset Club Show in Sollentuna (for all the six basset breeds) Geyron's Bentley  was BEST IN SHOW PUPPY

061014 At VDHs show in Dortmund, Geyron's Addams got 2 x VDH-CHA also Geyron's American Pie got 2 x VDH-CHA. Judged by Phil Freer, GB

061013 At VDHs Show in Dortmund, Geyron's Addams was best male with 2 x VDH-CHA, Klub CAC, CACIB and Bundessieger -06. Geyron's American Pie, 2 x VDH-CHA. Judged by Mogens Hansen, DK

060923 At the Finnish KK show in Eckerö Geyron's American Pie got CAC, CACIB, BOB, BIG-3. She´s now also Finnish champion. Judged by John Hiddes, NL

060812 At the Danish Basset klub in Denmark, Geyron's Benjamin became BEST IN SHOW PUP

060730 At DKK's show in Brøndby, Geyron's Addams got the danish CAC and he is now also Danish champion. Judged by Paul Stanton, S. 

060722 At SKK's show in Vastras, Geyron's American Pie got her last CAC and is now Swedish champion. Judged by Ann-Marie Curran, Australia.

060709 Puppies born, Ch Swede Sun's Adam x Ch Cray-Tall's Erdener Treppchen. 2+6.

060527 At Sbak's show in Ånnaboda, Geyron's Addams was BOB and BIS-2, Geyron's American Pie 3:d best bitch. Judged by Ulf Wall, S.

060402 At DKK's show in Hedenstedt, Geyron's Annabel was BOB and got CAC . Judged by Ann Carlström, S.

060129 At the VDH show in Dortmund, Geyron's Annabel got VDH CAC, and is now Dt.CHVDH.

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